Demo Live @ Secret Occult Fest

by Luciferum Penis

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Luciferum Penis - Demo Live @ Secret Occult Fest

I - Luciferum Penis
II- Cumshot In The House Of Christ
III- Ritual Of Luciferum Penis (Bonus Track)

Recorded live on the stage of the Secret Occult Fest (italy 1999).
Bonus Track recorded during a ritual in an abandoned house.

It's comprehensible if you cannot ever notice of this demo yet, the demo was part of something bigger, in the occult chambers of Luciferian Penis cult, but now, for the digital era, it's a good time to spread what we have done during years

Dedicated to: Satan


released June 6, 1999

Members prefer to be unknown



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Luciferum Penis Italy

Luciferum Penis is a band born from members of the Luciferian Penis Worship, in 1999, in Italy.
Their shows were mostly private,during real occult rituals.
in this digital era, the band have remastered some old tracks to spread the luciferian penis worship to the world, for our awareness.

Music is a ritual
Thank you for listening
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